‘…you all know the potential of Charlton Athletic..’

By 15th September 2023 No Comments

Some of you will know now that, after almost 15 years away, I am back at Charlton Athletic and once again heading up the commercial operation – for the 3rd time in my career!

I say back, I never really went too far as I kept close to the club via my work as a very proud ambassador of Charlton Athletic Community Trust and, last season, I was the Independent Chair of the ‘Back at The Valley’ 30th Anniversary Committee. However, when the new owners took over the Club at the end of July they asked me if I would return to help them to re-ignite the commercial operation, which has been sadly under-resourced and neglected for far too long.

There’s a lot to do but I’m working with some extremely talented and dedicated young people and I’m really pleased by how, after a few short weeks, things are progressing. The reaction I’ve personally received from supporters, sponsors, partners, Council officials, business and cultural leaders and some of my old sparring partners in the sports sponsorship industry, has been really positive.

Regarding sport sponsorship organisations; during my last period at the Club when Charlton Athletic were an established Premier League outfit, I built excellent relationships with several top marketing and sponsorship consultancies and I would love to re-establish some of those links and, of course develop some new contacts.

The reality is that Charlton are not now a Premier League club, we’re in League One, but getting the club back up the pyramid is a priority for everyone here. That said, you all know the potential of Charlton Athletic, we’ve proved over the years what this club is capable of when everyone – board, staff, management, players, supporters, sponsors and partners – all work hard together. What’s more there’s nothing League One about our renowned youth Academy, our thriving Women’s Football team and of course, we have the largest and the acknowledged best community operation in the UK, The Charlton Athletic Community Trust.

As for me; those who know me know what I stand for, they know my passion for community marketing and for brand protection, they know I’m loyal to people and to the organisations I work with and they know my dedication to developing partnerships.

So if you used to work with me in the past – either during my time at The EFL or at Charlton – and would like to have a chat about our plans to get this fantastic football club moving in the right direction again; or if after reading this you would like to find out more about Charlton Athletic, then I would be delighted to hear from you.

They say never go back…well I am back and while I’m here I want to play my part in bringing success back to Charlton Athletic.

I look forward to hearing from you.