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Last week’s successful ‘Event Production Show’ at ExCel London saw the launch of something completely brand-new in the event industry – the UK’s first sustainability-driven, environmentally friendly, marketing agency called…well, Brandnew actually! 

Created by Darren New, the founder of leading event management specialists DNEL – a partner of The RSK Group, who are global leaders in the world-wide delivery of sustainable solutions – We are Brandnew Ltd, to give it its full name, is set to become a major force in the world of sustainability marketing.

Speaking about the new agency, Darren New said, ‘Brandnew will provide a complete in-house service which will allow us to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions for our clients’ marketing campaigns and events’’.

Of course, whenever there is talk of sustainability-led campaigns there is also a fair amount of scepticism, with some companies having been accused of ‘greenwashing’ – of misleading the public to make a business seem more environmentally friendly than it really is – a point addressed head-on by Darren: ‘what sets Brandnew apart from other marketing agencies is that we will work exclusively for businesses who are genuinely committed to becoming carbon-neutral by 2040, and for those who are looking to create a sustainable pathway for their company.’

Brandnew is entering the market at a pivotal time for the event industry with the Government’s emphasis rightly being on protecting the environment for future generations. However, the journey to become more sustainable is far from straightforward for any business.      

Using the renowned expertise and resources of The RSK Group, Brandnew provides a tailored service for its clients. These entail the creation of sustainable solutions which deliver carbon-neutral events along with new innovations, all designed to provide, via RSK, scientifically proven actions to reduce a client’s carbon footprint and instigate a measurable sustainability ethos.

If ever there was a time for something Brandnew in the event industry, then that time is now!

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Steve Sutherland

March 2023