‘…as good a time as any to take up drawing…’

By 9th January 2021 No Comments

What do you inevitably do when you find you have so much time to spend at home? If you’re like me then one job you do is clear out those old cupboards that you know you should have tackled ages ago…..and my efforts last week led to me ‘finding’ two Indian ink drawings I did many years ago…actually, it was probably over 40 years ago.

The drawings are postcard size and they are of the ‘Mermaid’ Hotel in Rye, Sussex (pictured above) and Chilham village in Kent.

Before starting my career in football I used to draw and paint quite regularly; in fact in 1988 in my ‘introduction’ in the Charlton match programme against Liverpool for my first match as Commercial Manager I listed ‘drawing and painting’ as one of my ‘main interests’, but seeing these two drawings again – and some other old framed paintings of mine when I put the Christmas decorations back in the loft last weekend – has made me realise how long it’s been since I spent any real time on my ‘hobby’. In fact, a few postcard sized paintings inspired by my first ever visit to Venice in 1998 are probably the last ones I did.

Perhaps this lockdown existence we’re all experiencing is as good a time as any for me to take up drawing and painting again, particularly as there’s no chance of me doing one of the other ‘main interests’ I listed in the Liverpool programme – ‘taking part in amateur entertainment shows’??!!