It has been announced today that I will be leaving my role as the freelance Head of Marketing and PR at MiddletonMurray at the end of August.

In Spring 2012 and in my role as an Ambassador of the Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT), I was introduced by networking guru and Charlton Athletic fan Andy Lopata to Angela Middleton, the founder and then CEO (now Chairman) of MiddletonMurray – who at that time were a recruitment and training company based in Sidcup. Andy believed that the excellent work being undertaken in the community – and particularly with young people – by the Charlton Athletic Community Trust would be of interest to Angela.

He was right. Following a telephone conversation with Angela and a subsequent meeting at The Valley with CACT CEO Jason Morgan and myself and after a couple more meetings, MiddletonMurray joined forces with CACT to launch an innovative programme to offer wider employment opportunities to young people called ‘Give Youth a Chance’. Not long after that I was invited by Angela to join MiddletonMurray on a consultancy basis to assist her with developing the company’s Marketing and CSR strategy.

This then led, in late 2013, to being invited by Angela to become her Head of Marketing and PR and to work closely with her and the senior management team, still on a freelance basis, to oversee the development and implementation of all marketing, PR, sponsorship and CSR activities for the Company.

Now after five very successful and enjoyable years the time is right, both for MiddletonMurray and myself, for me to step down from my role as Head of Marketing and PR.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at MiddletonMurray and I’ve made so many friends and I’m sad to be leaving, but I believe, with the company at the level it is now, the time is right for me to concentrate on my other business and charity projects and to developing new challenges and it’s something I’m looking forward to doing.

When I first started working with Angela in 2012, MiddletonMurray only had one branch and I’m very proud of the role I’ve played in helping the company to expand in the way it has in London and the South East and now throughout England, with the recently announced programme of branch openings stretching from Newcastle in the North East to Exeter in the South West.

During this time MiddletonMurray has won numerous awards and now enjoys a deserved high status in the industry and increased brand exposure and is recognised as being one of the leading and most forward-thinking Apprenticeship Providers in the Country.

When I accepted Angela’s offer to become her Head of Marketing and PR in late 2013 Angela wrote in the press release announcing my appointment that ”we have been quietly busying ourselves in our community and changing the lives of young people and their families for the better whilst at the same time helping employers build their businesses but we’re probably guilty of not actively promoting the excellent work that we do enough and we want to address this.”

I think I can say with some confidence that we definitely did address that!